Efficient Meal Assembly, for Every Dietary Need
/SEMBLR™ automated meal assembly solutions introduce a new category of personalized food dispensing, combining robotics and AI to deliver a wide range of meal types and portion sizes, offering more customer choice and increasing throughput while reducing food wastage.
Optimal Portion Control for Every Meal
/SEMBLR utilizes our patented /APC™ technology, allowing it to serve a wide variety of ingredients and cuisines, from Asian Fusion Bowls to Poke Bowls to Buddha Bowls and more. It can also be configured to provide multiple menus in one day.
On-site at Ocado
The /SEMBLR autonomous food service system installed at Ocado’s headquarters provided fresh, personalized lunches for the company’s 4,000 employees.
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Revolutionize your QSR and Fast Casual restaurants with Karakuri
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Fast Meal Serving Times
/SEMBLR fully automates meal production - up to 5 bowls prepared in parallel, with each taking 3 minutes from order to collection. This enables you to serve 110 customer-personalized meals per hour, with each individual portion weighed to match the order.
Real-time Intelligence for Food Production
/SEMBLR utilizes 14 enclosed serving chambers that can hold up to 56 temperature-controlled ingredients, with allergens always contained and segregated. It leverages AI and real-time order analysis that enables you to easily identify and replace less popular ingredients with better-selling alternatives.
Reduce Food Wastage
/SEMBLR's user-selectable portion sizes give customers the ability to personalize their meals to fit their dietary needs. Real-time usage monitoring enables you to optimize kitchen planning for both staffing and raw ingredients.
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"Karakuri is developing systems that sit at the intersection of food, people and technology."
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Karakuri is the Future of Fast Food
Karakuri opens kitchen robot system to work with restaurant software
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The future of restaurants arrives: Karakuri’s robots and Atalian Servest to feed Ocado staff
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