Karakuri, the British Tesla of kitchen and food robotics is here
From picking to plate, the food industry is heavily reliant on human labour and has relatively little automation. In a move to revolutionise the food and hospitality industry, London-based startup Karakuri has ambitious goals to bring robots and AI to the food industry finally.

They’re making it possible with their prototype dubbed as DK One — the first automated canteen run by a robotic arm for making meals. Interesting, isn’t it?
Restaurant’s tight margins
The UK robotic startup recently also announced £6.3 million investments, led by firstminute capital, and supported by Hoxton Ventures, Taylor Brothers, Ocado Group and the UK’s government-backed Future Fund.

Barney Wragg, Karakuri’s founder and CEO started seeing the potential for robotics in food preparation while helping friends in the restaurant industry.
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Karakuri Dk One 1
Karakuri Dk One 2