Karakuri Announces Partnership with Jestic Foodservice Solutions
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Karakuri names its exclusive UK sales partner for /FRYR fry lines
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Quorn Partners with Robotic Kitchen Maker Karakuri to Deliver Perfectly Fried Plant-Based Chicken
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Karakuri's robot fry line to be sold exclusively by Jestic Foodservice Solutions
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AI Is Cooking Vegan Meat, Too. And It’s Tasty.
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Jestic secures exclusive supply deal with robotic fry specialist
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Karakuri signs Jestic as exclusive UK supply partner for robotic fry lines
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The Restaurant of the Future: 12 Tech Predictions
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Quorn becomes first meat free company to partner with automation specialist Karakuri
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Meat-free brand Quorn partners kitchen robotics provider Karakuri
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Karakuri robotics supplier announces Quorn as first product partner
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Karakuri and Quorn Partner to Deliver Meat-Free Perfection for QSR Diners
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Karakuri and Quorn Partner to Deliver Meat-Free Products for QSR Diners
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Quorn Robotics Partnership to Automate QSR Diners
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Karakuri and Quorn Partner to Deliver Meat-Free Perfection for QSR Diners
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Karakuri Announces that Nando’s Completes First Trial of /FRYR210
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Starring Obsess, Starship, and Karakuri: check out the week's coolest retail technology plays
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Nando’s is using a robot to make 550 portions of chips per hour
Nando’s trials Karakuri automated chip fryer
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Starring Panera, Amazon, Tesco, and Ikea: March’s biggest retail technology plays at a glance
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Could robots make great chip friers? – Amazing video suggest yes.
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Karakuri's FRYR Sizzles at Nando's Trial
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Robots rise to the fry: how automation is removing the chip on fast-food’s shoulder
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Perfect chips: Nando’s completes first trial of Karakuri /FRYR210 automated fry line
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Nando’s completes trial of Karakuri /FRYR210 automated fry line
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Nando’s first to test out Karakuri’s robotic fry line
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Nando's trials robot fry line to cook chips
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Automated fry line undergoes trials at Nando’s
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Nando’s trials robot chip fryer from Ocado-backed automation startup
The Grocer Karakuri
Karakuri founder on chip-frying robots and microchip geopolitics
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The kitchen of the future is built around automation
Karakuri is discussed on BBC News World Business Report on the topic of 'Robot chefs'
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Robochefs: Experiments trialling automation in commercial kitchens
Perfect fries will always be available thanks to a new automated fry-line system unveiled by Karakuri
Kitchen Automation to Serve Up Greater Food Quality in Tougher Times
Karakuri’s new robot makes the perfect french fry
Karakuri founder on Covid’s robotics toll and the promise of nuclear fission
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New /FRYR210 provides automated, freezer-to-scoop frying from $2,100 per month.
Karakuri Launches Automated Fry Lines for Restaurants
Karakuri automates restaurant fry lines with new /FRYR Family of Robots
Robots load, lift, shake and empty chip baskets
/FRYR is a London-based robot from the company Karakuri that can automate quick-service fried food lines.
Karakuri automates restaurant fry lines with new robots
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Karakuri announces new line of automated kitchen robots
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Growing kitchen automation firm has brought in former Kraft Heinz executive to help sell robotic fryers to QSRs.
Karakuri hires new director of global business development
Karakuri to launch automated frying solution
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Is that kitchen robot interoperable? Karakuri’s new offering bets on it
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New Tech Helps Restaurants Bring Smart Robotics to the Kitchen
Why Restaurants are Headed for More Kitchen Interoperability
How robots are automating hospitality
Karakuri opens up its robotic kitchen systems to work with restaurant software
Karakuri is Sifted's Top 'Rising Star' Early Stage Start-Up To Watch
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Ocado rolls out meal prep robot capable of customising meals down to the gram
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Karakuri and Atalian Servest. Six months into the project we discover how it’s going.
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An interview with chef Chris Ince about Semblr
Contract Catering Magazine
Ocado to Feed its Workforce with Karakuri's Autonomous Canteen
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Karakuri's Semblr To Feed Up to Four Thousand Employees at Ocado HQ
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Pete Schroder interviewed by The Food People
Ocado welcomes robot meal maker at Hatfield HQ canteen
The Grocer Karakuri
Fast-food chains are working with a host of startups to bring automation to their kitchens
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Atalian Servest and Karakuri to feed Ocado staff
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Heston Blumenthal to advise Karakuri
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Karakuri, the British Tesla of kitchen is here
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Karakuri listed in ITPro’s ‘UK tech startups to watch in 2021’
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Karakuri named among 50 global tech start-ups powering the new retail world
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Business Insider feature Karakuri in the most exciting healthcare startups in Europe
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Karakuri unveils automated canteen, plus $8.4M investment led by firstminute
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Automated dining Is coming
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Hospitality startup Karakuri navigates “tough times for restaurants”
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What’s Ocado’s vision for its clever new robot-chef tech?
The Grocer Karakuri
London start-up secures £6.5 million investment from Ocado and Brent Hoberman
Ocado leads £7m investment in Karakuri
Karakuri News Independent
Karakuri has brunch with Sifted
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Ocado Makes First Tech Startup Investment In Karakuri
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Karakuri delivering personalisation with Ocado investment
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Ocado chips in to £7m round for UK startup Karakuri
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Karakuri raises $9 million for kitchens that help personalize meals and portions
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How and what we eat in restaurants or on-the-go is changing thanks to Karakuri
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Karakuri has installed its autonomous foodservice system at Ocado
Karakuri in EU Startups '10 London-based startups to look out for'
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Chef Heston Blumenthal has for the first time got involved in the food tech startup world
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