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The future of restaurants arrives: Karakuri and Atalian Servest to feed Ocado staff
Dr Pete Schroder joins Karakuri as CTO
Karakuri in the news
Ocado rolls out meal prep robot capable of customising meals down to the gram
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Pete Schroder interviewed by The Food People
Ocado to Feed its Workforce with Karakuri's Autonomous Canteen
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Karakuri's Semblr To Feed Up to Four Thousand Employees at Ocado HQ
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Ocado welcomes robot meal maker at Hatfield HQ canteen
The Grocer Karakuri
Atalian Servest and Karakuri to feed Ocado staff
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Karakuri has brunch with Sifted
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Fast-food chains are working with a host of startups to bring automation to their kitchens
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Heston Blumenthal to advise Karakuri
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Karakuri, the British Tesla of kitchen is here
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Karakuri listed in ITPro’s ‘UK tech startups to watch in 2021’
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Karakuri named among 50 global tech start-ups powering the new retail world
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Business Insider feature Karakuri in the most exciting healthcare startups in Europe
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Karakuri unveils automated canteen, plus $8.4M investment led by firstminute
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Automated dining Is coming
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Hospitality startup Karakuri navigates “tough times for restaurants”
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What’s Ocado’s vision for its clever new robot-chef tech?
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London start-up secures £6.5 million investment from Ocado and Brent Hoberman
Ocado leads £7m investment in Karakuri
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Ocado Makes First Tech Startup Investment In Karakuri
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Karakuri delivering personalisation with Ocado investment
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Ocado chips in to £7m round for UK startup Karakuri
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Karakuri raises $9 million for kitchens that help personalize meals and portions
Karakuri News Venture Beat
How and what we eat in restaurants or on-the-go is changing thanks to Karakuri
Karakuri News London Loves Business
Karakuri has installed its autonomous foodservice system at Ocado
Karakuri in EU Startups '10 London-based startups to look out for'
Chef Heston Blumenthal has for the first time got involved in the food tech startup world
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