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Karakuri technologies can revolutionize a wide range of catering applications.

Fast Casual Restaurants

DK-One’s ability to create unique meals for each customer makes it ideal for the growing market of health-focused, fast casual restaurants.

With DK-One, customers can select the precise ingredients and portion sizes they desire, with full visibility of – and control over – nutritional content such as calories, protein, carbohydrate and more. This level of precision makes DK-One-enabled restaurants the perfect partner for fitness apps and personal training programs, where diet can be tailored to help users achieve their personalized healthy eating goals.

Central Kitchens

DK-One offers a solution to the emerging food delivery market that increasingly requires a decentralized network of kitchens located close to the end customers, with sufficient volume to justify costs.

DK-One allows for multiple menus to be handled efficiently within one kitchen. With multiple ingredient dispensers, DK-One easily supports different cuisines such as Indian, Thai, Chinese and salad bowls, all from one installation. This increases the kitchen throughput, while helping to keep space and staffing requirements to a minimum.

In-Store Manufacture

Karakuri systems offer numerous benefits for food retailers looking for a more efficient, environmentally-friendly, and cost effective way of holding stock. Retailers are carrying an increasing range of centrally-produced SKUs, with large volumes of single-use plastic, and unpredictable forecasting and logistics issues.

Karakuri technology enables retailers to change their inventory stock management to Just-In-Time (JIT). JIT manufacturing improves production efficiencies, reduces costs, and allows retailers to be more responsive to customer demands, facilitated by transporting raw materials to store and manufacturing on demand. With DK-One salads and ready meals can be made on site, when required, to stock the shelves. This is of particular value in smaller stores, where space is premium and stock turnaround is high.

Airports and Transport Hubs

Karakuri technology can help to shift the common perception that airports and other transport hubs offer a lack of food choice and little focus on health. With long trading hours and extensive staff security requirements, running and operating airside or roadside catering has traditionally been expensive and challenging – making it difficult to respond to the growth of dietary requirements and allergens.

With DK-One food preparation can be carried out around the clock, delivering a wide variety of meal options and dietary variations. And with minimal labour required to replenish stock and rotate menus, profitability can be transformed.

Canteens and Cafeterias

DK-One can fully automate canteen services, providing the control over quality and portion size that has historically been difficult to manage in a canteen-style service. Canteens have struggled with the ability to accurately forecast customer demand or manage servings, leading to eroded margins, customer complaints, inaccurate production and excessive wastage.

Karakuri systems ensure the customer is provided with a precise quantity of each product requested, while ensuring the placement and presentation of each meal is exactly as specified. And because machine vision keeps a full audit record of what has been dispensed and when, margins are transformed alongside customer satisfaction.

Stadiums and Sports Events

Because DK-One is configured to process high order volume rapidly, it offers an effective solution to the specific catering challenges presented by large-scale sporting events.

DK-One can prepare and serve hundreds of unique meals every hour, with each meal tailored 100% to a customer’s selected ingredients. Pre-orders can also be placed via click and collect app-based or on-site tablets making use of prepayment, to maximize output and minimize queueing. Karakuri technology also removes the need to specify collection times, as DK-One’s rapid order throughput means orders are assembled on a “Just in Time” basis, when the customer approaches the pick-up location.

Event Catering

Karakuri can help events companies to improve the choice available to large numbers of diners, while maintaining the highest standard of service. Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry, catering for large events, corporate meals, and weddings has long been held back by an inability to offer choice and variety to guests, or allow them to individually customize food options.

DK-One can run a large range of menus simultaneously, allowing for greater choice than the traditional mass-scale model. Each meal is not only produced in the most time-efficient manner, but accurately portioned and presented, providing catering organizations with the ability for a wider menu variety with total control over quality.


DK-One can help to raise the bar on catering standards across the healthcare industry, by providing efficiency, flexibility, and uniformity in meal preparation. Hospitals often require patient-specific dietary requirements, but generally struggle to offer a reasonable level of choice.

Karakuri systems enable electronic, patient-specific pre-ordering, helping to simply hospital catering management, while delivering real choice to patients. Dietary restrictions and nutritional requirements can be specified at an individual level, allowing DK-One to create personalized meals for each patient, as required. In addition, DK-One’s rapid turnaround means orders can be placed in real-time, rather than days in advance, minimizing wastage and maximizing efficiencies.

Ice Cream Parlours

As customer service shifts towards on-demand, customized-my-way, self-service, DK-One provides a novel way forward for ice cream parlours. The old idea of purchasing pre-packaged ice cream, served from a freezer or via a static vending machine seems increasingly at odds with fast-changing consumer expectation.

DK-One enables ice cream parlours to offer a design-your-own frozen yoghurt or ice cream vending platform, where customers can select as many flavours and toppings as they wish, then watch their creation being assembled. Configured to an electronic ordering system, consumers can even design-their-own ice cream through interactive selection on an app.


Pick’n’mix is a traditional part of the cinema-going experience, but there’s nothing traditional about our candy vending robots. Fusing technology and fun in a way that delivers a unique consumer experience. Karakuri’s robots give customers the ability to design their own personalized candy bags, without any of the hygiene issues associated with the traditional format.

Customers simply make their candy selection from an interactive panel on the pick’n’mix display, then the robot puts on a show by collecting their cup and filling it to their exact specifications – right in front of their eyes.

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DK-One is the world’s first robotic solution for high throughput, fast turnaround, 100% individualized and portion-controlled mass production.

Designed for high volume applications such as restaurants, cafeterias, and central kitchens, every meal produced by DK-One is individually prepared to each customer’s specific requirements.

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