High Precision, Automated Frying, from Freezer to Scoop
The /FRYR™ family of intelligent, automated fry lines saves time, reduces waste, and ensures your fried food is always available exactly when needed - utilizing multiple transport systems in parallel to provide up to 30 cooked baskets per well per hour.

/FRYR precisely controls the 3 core variables – temperature, time, and quantity – at every stage of the frying process, delivering the perfect product, every time.
Maximum Performance in the Smallest Space
/FRYR integrates with existing open-basket fryers and extraction systems, minimizing the need to change your current kitchen layout. The easy-to-install, modular designs fit seamlessly into existing kitchen layouts, ensuring no interruption.
Optimal Portion Control for Reduced Wastage
/FRYR utilizes our patented /APC™ technology, allowing each basket to be filled with just the right amount of frozen food to meet demand, enabling variable batch cook sizes, optimizing cook schedules to order profiles, and increasing kitchen efficiencies.
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Try the /FRYR automated fry line in your restaurant kitchen and say goodbye to soggy fries!
Try the /FRYR automated fry line in your restaurant kitchen and say goodbye to soggy fries!
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Real-time Intelligence for Food Production
The /FRYR210, which is the first model in the /FRYR range of automated fry lines, delivers up to 130lbs / 60kg of french fries per hour. It leverages real-time insights to optimize output to match customer demand, regardless of staff availability.
Seamless Integration with Existing Kitchen Systems
/FRYR operates with today’s most popular EPOS, Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), and Kitchen Management Systems (KMS) to fully automate the cook cycle while providing the real-time data and insights you need to optimize your restaurant operations.
Increase Employee Safety
/FRYR's intelligent kitchen automation reduces the need for staff interaction with the frying process by removing the dull and sometimes dangerous tasks required to run traditional fryers.
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“Karakuri, the British Tesla of kitchen and food robotics is here.”
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Karakuri is the Future of Fast Food
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Karakuri Announces that Nando’s Completes First Trial of /FRYR210 Automated Fry Line
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