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The world's leading smart kitchen, designed to improve customer choice, increase throughput and reduce food waste.
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The Future of Food
Semblr can serve a wide variety of ingredients with Karakuri’s unique automatic portioning technology, and can be configured to handle multiple menus in one day.

Our extensive list of compatible ingredients allows us to provide a range of menus that include Asian Fusion Bowls, Poke Bowls, World Flavour Bowls, Buddha Bowls and Smoothie Bowls.
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The future is served at Ocado
The first Semblr machine in public use
is at Ocado’s Head Office, serving our
Asian Fusion Bowls menu with 17
separate ingredients that the customer
can choose from.

The menu includes hot and cold items,
a range of proteins and sauces as well
as fresh toppings and garnishes.

In total, customers can create over 2,700
different combinations!
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Designed to create high volumes of customer-personalised meals in minutes
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