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State-of-the-art robots won’t build themselves.
Junior Talent Partner - 12 month FTC
Karakuripeople 2
Finance and Technology Team Assistant
Karakuripeople 1
Dk One Frame Build Day One 18
Dk One Build 23Rd June 4
Dk One Build 23Rd June 1
Data Scientist
Karakuri Photos Edited 06082021 041 249253
Senior Project Manager
Karakuri Edited Photos 13092021067 614954 265306 762732
Senior Software Engineer
Our benefits
allow everyone
to share in
the journey and
the success.
One day we want to kick back and enjoy all that robot produced food. To help you do that we provide a generous pension plan.
Health Insurance
Few things are more important than health, so we provide everyone in the team with Vitality Health Insurance.
Flexible working
We want you to do amazing things with us – not be chained to a desk. We believe in finding the solutions to help you balance work/life and as a result, do your best work.
Stock Option Scheme
Join in our stock option scheme and share in the value we’re creating.
As a recruiter and employer of a diverse team of talented people, what are our core values?
We are curiously creative.
Without curiosity, we wouldn’t have a business. This is why we encourage employees to be as creative, curious and innovative as humanly possible.

We’re always open to new ideas, thinking outside of the box and challenging ourselves as well as our peers to try new things.

Without innovation, how else can you revolutionise an industry?!
We are human.
We build robots. But, behind the robots are a bunch of humble, intelligent and personable humans who sometimes make mistakes that we learn from.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and diverse individuals who bring emotion and warmth to our work.
We deliver quality.
We strive to take pride in each and every product we build and therefore, we value the quality of every piece of work we deliver.

Whether it’s the software, the hardware or the individuals in the team, we set our standards high for the sake of our customers.
We respect honesty.
Openness and transparency breeds authenticity. This underlies everything we are and everything we do. We want to create a safe environment allowing employees to bring their whole-selves to work.

We trust they are making the right decisions by the company, their team and theirselves at all times and as a result, our customers can trust us to make the right decision by them.
We cultivate growth.
We’re hungry to continuously better ourselves and our abilities. We want to be masters of our trades and so we always keep up to date with the latest trends and more importantly, sharing our findings and knowledge with our peers.

Whether it’s technical or commercial, we are always focused on growing ourselves and our business.