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Business Insider feature Karakuri in the most exciting healthcare startups in Europe

Posted on Friday February 7, 2020 in Karakuri News

Karakuri Business Insider Top healthcare startup

Business Insider have just included karakuri in their list of 11 of the most exciting startups across European health, from sleep diagnostics to VR-based therapy:

“Robot nutrition, AI drug discovery, and neuro-rehabilitation: 11 of the most exciting healthcare startups in Europe

European health tech is booming.

According to an in-depth report on Europe’s tech by Atomico, a major European VC firm, $3.6 billion was invested in health-related tech firms in Europe between January and September 2019. That’s a six-fold increase on the $624 million invested in European health startups in the whole of 2015.

Martin Mignot, a partner at the London-based multinational VC firm Index Ventures, told Business Insider that Europe’s advanced public health networks make for an especially friendly entrepreneurial environment.

“European founders tend to have an advantage in the healthcare sector,” Mignot said. “The delivery of healthcare via public systems makes healthcare less fragmented than elsewhere in the world, creating an opportunity for innovation at scale.

“This level of innovation is welcome news for patients, who as a result will have easier access to improved healthcare services; for the public purse, which will benefit from the increased efficiency; and for society, who are empowered to move to a more preventative approach to health,” he added.

No 6: Karakuri (UK)

Led by CEO Barney Wragg, Karakuri has built ‘robot chefs’ to automate and improve food preparation. It ultimately aims to provide hungry workers everywhere with personalized, ultra-precise meals that can be tweaked to accommodate individual dietary requirements and taste preferences.

Karakuri also aims to use its tech to reduce reliance on plastic packaging, and it has partnered with UK online supermarket Ocado, which is also its main backer. Wragg was named in BI’s list of the 100 most important and impactful people in UK tech for 2019.”

Read the full Business Insider article >

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