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What is our vision for the future of food?
Karakuri’s future of food is real food
Karakuri’s smart robotic kitchens help chefs make really great food. We handle the freshest ingredients in ways that mimic chefs and restaurants in the real world.

We’re not about NASA style space food, or microwaving frozen pizzas or reheating pots of ready meals. Karakuri is about the enjoyment of real food made for you.

Using real food is one of the biggest challenges for our engineers and we continue to find innovative ways to create really great, fresh food because nothing can replace it.
Karakuri’s future of food is collaborative
Karakuri’s smart systems are designed to work alongside people in kitchens and hospitality.

Our smart kitchens undertake the boring, repetitive and difficult tasks allowing their human co-workers to excel in the tasks they enjoy and do best.

Our aim is to make the hospitality industry a more attractive workplace by supporting employees with smart machines that do the jobs they hate.
Karakuri’s future of food is efficient
Around the world a third of food intended for human consumption is lost or wasted which amounts to $940 billion in economic losses annually, 17% of all food available to consumers is wasted.

Food waste at the point of consumption has the high cost to operators and the largest carbon impact to the environment.

Our smart systems are built for 100% accurate portion control and designed to optimise output, only producing food when needed. This reduces food waste and energy consumption in a smart automated way.
Karakuri’s future of food is personalised
Karakuri’s technology takes food personalisation to the next level.

Food allergies have risen significantly in the past decade and people selecting plant-based diets has increased greatly too. We're all unique but food choices for a specific dietary requirement can be limiting.

Karakuri’s smart systems allow customers to order and build each meal to their own specific taste and preference. Our unique portion control technologies allow customers to control the nutritional contents of each meal.
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