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When was Karakuri founded?
Born out of the Founders Factory incubator, Karakuri was founded by Simon Watt and Barney Wragg, two longtime friends and colleagues who originally worked together at ARM in the 90s.

In April 2018 Founders Factory invested in Karakuri and Brent Hoberman joined the board as Chairman.
What does Karakuri mean?
The name Karakuri was taken from the 16th Century Japanese autonomous dolls. These automatons were designed to surprise and delight dinner guests – which is precisely what we as a business strive to do.

The word 'karakuri' has also come to mean "mechanisms" or "trick" in Japanese. It is used to describe any device that evokes a sense of awe through concealment of its inner workings.
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Our manifesto
We love food. We love robots. And we love people.

So we’ve built a world where food and robots and people connect.

To create a new and better experience for everyone. A world where freshly made, healthier food is as convenient as fast food.
Where robotics and AI have created a whole new category of personalised food service. Where both the people who provide the food and the people who eat the food benefit.

A world where customisation meets mass production.

Where choice meets quality. Where problems meet solutions.

And where food wastage meets its end.
We are the future of food. And the future is here.