Introducing Semblr
The world’s leading smart kitchen.
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Semblr at Ocado
Karakuri’s smart kitchen and Atalian Servest to feed Ocado staff
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Karakuri listed in ITPro's 'UK tech startups to watch in 2021'
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'Karakuri is among the top 50 retail tech start-ups globally' RWRC
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UKTN calls Karakuri 'The British Tesla of kitchen and food'
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Go behind the scenes and meet some of the talented people who brought Semblr to life
Karakuri is one the most innovative companies in the UK.
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Business Insider feature Karakuri in the most exciting healthcare startups in Europe
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We are a world class team of foodies and technologists delivering products never seen before.
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Mclaren's former Chief Engineer Dr Pete Schroder joins Karakuri as CTO
Dr Peter Schroder Karakuri Cto
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