The Fourth Industrial Revolution for Food

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Our Vision

Imagine a world where freshly-made, healthy food is as convenient as fast food.

Where every dish is tailored to each customer, with specific ingredients and portion sizing.

Where meals can be individually customized – but mass-produced.

We imagined it. So we built it.

By combining robotics with AI and state-of-the-art machine sensing, Karakuri delivers an entirely new category of made-to-order health convenience food.

And our technology allows us to offer it at a price point that benefits both the consumer and the restaurant operator.

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The world’s first fully-customizable food preparation system, combining robotics, automation, and machine learning

Karakuri powers:

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Meet our Robots


DK-One is the world’s first robotic solution for high throughput, fast turnaround, 100% individualized and portion-controlled mass production.

Designed for high volume applications such as restaurants, cafeterias, and central kitchens, every meal produced by DK-One is individually prepared to each customer’s specific requirements.

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Marley lower throughput food preparation robot from Karakuri set up for pick'n'mix candy


Marley is the lower cost, lower throughput alternative to DK-One, providing customization on a smaller scale.

Offering the same level of customer configuration as DK-One, Marley can be utilized for novel applications such as robotic candy dispensing, custom-made ice creams, and cocktails.

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Karakuri food robotics team

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